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Since 1999, very few law firms have the experience of Flaherty Fardo with regards to tax appeals.

Attorneys Noah Fardo and Nicole Hauptman Amick have over 30+ years combined experience in handling Allegheny County property tax assessment appeals. This does not guarantee results, but does demonstrate our extensive and unique experience in handling property tax appeals. More importantly, we are grateful for the hundreds of referrals from past clients and sincerely try to treat each client and case as unique. The success of our property tax appeal business has been based primarily on satisfied clients.

Why is the School District appealing my property taxes?

In 2022, thousands of tax appeals will be filed against recent homebuyers. This the continued trend of taxing entities such as the school districts filing appeals because a sale price is higher than the current property assessment. There are serious legal questions regarding the legality of such action. Specifically when a recent purchase price is higher than the assessments of all of their neighbors. In these cases, recent homebuyers are almost always taxed higher than their neighbors and we believe is a violation of the law requiring the uniformity of property assessments. Allegheny County is using a 2012 Base Year for assessments, and no one believes that a sale price in 2012 is consistent with current market values.

The good news is that these tax appeals filed by the school districts can be defended and help mitigate any property tax increase. The first argument should always be that the purchase priced exceeded the fair market value. This can be done by finding comparable properties which have sold for less. Believe us they exist. A properly prepared comparative sales analysis can be very useful in mitigating tax increases.

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There is a wealth of public information that property owners should know when fighting a tax appeal case.

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