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Injured and Need Experienced Help?

If you have been seriously injured in an accident, the attorney you choose will make a difference in your case. Finding the right personal injury attorney means finding a lawyer who is not only experienced and motivated, but also has the time and resources necessary to properly pursue your personal injury claim for all that it is worth. It's a cliche, but don't settle for less. Not all attorneys are equally as effective. Not all attorneys are as good in court, and not all attorneys are as good in negotiating and settling lawsuits. Often the key difference is experience. For 25 years, the Pittsburgh personal injury law firm Flaherty Fardo has helped people who have been seriously injured obtain justice and compensation for their injuries.

Flaherty Fardo has recovered millions of dollars for victims of Pennsylvania car accidents, truck accidents, and medical malpractice. Our lawyers have been recognized by Pennsylvania SuperLawyers, The Million Dollar Advocates Forum, Elite Lawyers of America, and The Top 100 Trial Lawyers. We believe our experience speaks for itself.

A True Family Atmosphere

The primary difference at our law firm is the teamwork, relationship we establish with our clients, and our open and immediate availability. Attorney Noah Fardo manages the personal injury department, and works with attorneys Bill Rogel and Jaclyn DiPaola. Having three (3) attorneys involved in every personal injury case is a benefit for our client.

Our firm has a true family atmosphere. We work on our cases together, collaboratively, diligently, and passionately. Since our founding in 1997, not one of our attorneys has ever worked anywhere else. We cannot take every case. But when we take in a new personal injury case, we treat clients like we were representing our very own loved ones.

Our firm combines the personal care and attention of a small firm with the experience, talent, and resources to take on anyone. We pride ourselves on using our experience and reputation to help recover money for serious personal injuries and accidents.

Do I Have a Personal Injury Case?

Personal injury lawsuits can very in many different ways. They can include car accidents, truck accidents, medical malpractice, slip and falls, and even dog bites. Regardless of how the injury occurred, the first question in any personal injury case is, were you injured? In practical terms, there really only is a personal injury case if someone suffers an injury. If someone pushes your car over a bridge and you are in it, you may not have a case unless you were injured. In this example, even if you were not physically injured, there could be emotional injuries, but the bottom line is that there needs to be some type of "harm" in order to pursue a personal injury case in Pennsylvania.

If you or a loved one was "harmed" or injured, then the next question is: Was someone else responsible? Most personal injury cases are pursued because of negligence, which is often defined as the failure to use the ordinary care a reasonably prudent person would have in the same situation. The most common example is car accidents. Would a reasonably prudent person stop at a stop sign? The answer is yes. If they don't stop and hit someone, they are negligent.

To have a personal injury case in Pennsylvania, you need an injury which was caused by someone's negligence. For more detailed personal injury FAQ's, please see below.

What is My Case Worth?

Valuing personal injury cases in Pennsylvania is done by examining the economic losses as well as non-economic losses. Economic losses are often easier to calculate, and are an important element of understanding how much a personal injury case is worth.

The economic losses are typically easier to define:

The more difficult part of valuing personal injury cases is the non-economic cases. This is often referred to as the pain and suffering, both physically and emotionally. Valuing pain and suffering is very subjective. Certainly our experience helps us to provide realistic ranges of values to clients, but it is never an exact science, and often depends on the plaintiff, the actual injury, how the injury occurred, what the future holds etc.

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